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Omaha teenager accused of killing a local resident on Monday will not be prosecuted as an adult

OMAHA, Nebraska – The wife of a guy who was shot and murdered on Monday stated that she is still digesting the decision made by the Douglas County Attorney not to charge the 14-year-old suspected in the shooting as an adult in the case. The man who was shot and killed was found on Monday morning.

Mr. Parker, who was 28 years old at the time, had quite the presence and was known to many people as a family man. His wife, Danya, said in an interview with 6 News that her husband, who is 6 feet 2 inches tall, commands attention wherever he goes.

“He was more of a gentle giant than anything else… “I think you understand what I’m getting at,” she added.

According to Danya Parker, Mr. was not only a wonderful spouse who supported her, but he also became an amazing bonus dad by taking on the role of her daughter’s biological father.

She remarked, “I think he fell in love with her before he fell in love with me.” “He met her when she was a month old, and I think he fell in love with her before he fell in love with me.”

Danya said to 6 News that the process of moving through her grief has been difficult, particularly after she found out that the 14-year-old who was caught for shooting her husband will be charged as a juvenile with manslaughter rather than as an adult with murder.

“Some of what I’m hearing from people who were there is that maybe my husband just got the upper hand and was shot for having the upper hand, so that’s completely different than saying ‘this kid acted in fear,'” she said. “Part of what I’m hearing from people that were there is that maybe my husband just got the upper hand and was shot for having the upper hand.”

Danya stated that she is conflicted over the appropriate punishment for the adolescent since she is unsure of how sudden the interaction was.

She was informed by witnesses that her husband had been engaged in a dispute with the alleged shooter’s father outside when the kid intervened and shot her husband. She stated that her husband and the man had a conversation and even shared a drink in order to put the matter to rest.

“Despite this, he made an effort to diffuse the tension in the room. He was like, you know, introducing himself as Mr…. “He gave everyone of them a handshake,” she claimed.

While Danya continues to wait for more information regarding the case, she has stated that she is simply attempting to come to terms with the fact that the only thing she has left are memories with her closest friend.

She stated, “We were together for a pretty extended period of time.” “Just going down the street, we’ve gone to 90% of these sites together, and I can remember each and every time we went there,” he said. “I can remember every single time we went there.”

Danya expressed that she was also very dissatisfied that the authorities had not provided her with any updates regarding the teenager being charged with manslaughter.

Omaha Police have verified to 6 News that they first arrested the teenager on murder charges as if they were an adult. However, the ultimate decision on charges will be made by Douglas County Attorney Don Klein.

A representative for the Oregon Police Department also stated that it is the obligation of the county attorney to announce any updated charges.

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