Omaha suspect for double murder, who is currently jailed in Des Moines, might soon be brought back in Nebraska

OMAHA, Nebraska – It is anticipated that the state will initiate the process of bringing a suspected murderer back to Nebraska.

Gage Walter, age 27, has been detained in an Iowa correctional facility since the middle of August. A murder accusation has been brought against him in connection with the deaths of his grandmother and great-grandmother in Omaha.

Around the middle of the following week, the prosecutors intend to approach the district court clerk with a request to have Walter issued a governor’s warrant. This would mark the beginning of the procedure to extradite him from Des Moines to Omaha so that he might face charges of murder there.

The state of Iowa decided not to prosecute him on the grounds that the allegations were not as serious.

On August 13, Walter is suspected of murdering his great-grandmother Marceline Teeters, who was 93 years old, and his grandmother, Linda Walter, who was 70 years old, at their home in Omaha, which was located at 16th and Frederick.

Investigators in Nebraska have also charged him with attempted murder for allegedly attacking a man with a hammer outside of a grocery store on the day before the homicides. The location of the alleged incident is at 29th and Leavenworth. The following day, Walter was taken into custody in the Des Moines region.

According to the investigators, he led the officers on a chase in a stolen PT Cruiser that had allegedly been taken from the scene of the murder in Omaha. According to the documents filed in the court in Iowa on Wednesday, a status hearing on his competency was held.

The members of Walter’s family have stated that he has a history of mental illness and that they attempted to get him care for years; however, the system failed them and everyone else involved.

It is unknown how quickly Walter will be brought back to Omaha to face the murder accusations after the warrant has been issued for his arrest.

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