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Omaha schools see decline in Covid-19 cases, the local transmission of the virus follows the nationwide trend

Omaha, Nebraska – Covid-19 nationwide declining trend is also seen in Omaha schools, the local health department confirmed.

Parents of students in local schools might finally be happy seeing the Covid-19 cases in schools declining which is something that everyone has been waiting for since the start of the year.

According to the latest data provided on Monday, there have been only 50 active cases in Omaha Public Schools, which is drop from 90 compared to last week.

Officials with the school district confirmed that 39 Covid-19 cases are students, while 11 are school staff.

For comparison, the number of corona-positive students and school staff combined reached 161 just two weeks ago.

In schools within the Westside Community Schools there are a total of 21 active cases (as of Friday last week) which is far less compared to the 47 cases the week before. Five cases are among school staff, while 16 cases are among students. During the 2020-21 school year, Westside had 568 cases: 400 among students and 168 among staff.

Millard Public Schools on Friday reported a total of 39 active cases which is less compared to the 68 cases reported the week before. Just two weeks ago, there have been 112 active cases.

For more Covid-19 data in Omaha area schools, please visit this link.

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