Omaha residents and snow removal companies react to latest winter storm

OMAHA, Nebraska (Nebraska) — On Thursday, people in the Omaha metro and beyond were in need of shovels, snowplows, as well as ploughs.

The latest round of winter weather fell on Thursday morning with several inches of snow. For AJ Watson, owner of AJ Landscaping, better late than never.

“I just kept looking outside, it didn’t snow, but then it did,” he said.

Watson loves this kind of weather. He focused all day on clearing the NP Dodge driveway near 90th and Dodge St.

He does snow removal in winter and landscaping the rest of the year. The storm gives him a chance to earn a few extra dollars that he could put to good use.

“We could buy some new trucks and new equipment just trying to upgrade and get something new,” Watson said.

Meanwhile, Brian Thompson, who was just around the corner, was preparing his driveway for plow service. He said that snow was a welcome sight for them.

“We missed a lot of big storms,” Thompson said. “I think a lot of lawn mowers and other snow removal companies will have a hard time.”

Thompson relies on the services of a plow to clear the driveway to his apartment. Although his driveway is being taken care of, he admits he has to deal with snowy roads.

“We’re not a through street, so it’s easier to forget we exist,” Thompson said.

Thompson and Watson look on the bright side as they clear out this winter storm.

“We need moisture,” Thompson said.


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