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Omaha Red Cross volunteers headed to Florida’s hardest hit areas to assist the local responders

OMAHA, Nebraska – The Red Cross of Omaha has dispatched a second round of aid to Florida.

People in this state are just beginning to clean up the damage caused by Hurricane Ian.

Before the cyclone struck, Red Cross officials in Omaha prepared to assist. They anticipated that many Floridians would require assistance.

The emergency response truck and two personnel from Omaha were sent to Florida last week. Over the course of the weekend, four additional personnel from Omaha were sent to Florida.

“As the need became increasingly apparent and after the storm made landfall, we understood how many shelters they would have and how many people would need our support,” said Red Cross representative Josh Murray. “The Red Cross was able to ask, ‘Oh, we’re going to need these individuals to help,’ and we were able to get volunteers who volunteered to assist.”

The second wave of aid from the Omaha Red Cross is en route to Florida’s hardest-hit areas.

Volunteers from Omaha will assist in the shelters, and the crew driving the emergency response vehicles will distribute food, shovels, tarps, and other items to help individuals affected by the disaster clean up and find comfort.

The Red Cross in Omaha anticipates sending more individuals to Florida. People there will require extensive assistance for an extended period.

If you wish to help, you may donate by visiting the Red Cross’s website, or you can text Ian’s name to 90999 and a $10 gift will be sent to the cause.

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