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Omaha Public Schools, the largest school district in Nebraska, will have $710M budget for 2022-2023

OMAHA, Nebraska – Even with a short break to study a legislative topic, the Omaha Public Schools board meeting lasted less than an hour, as the primary business at hand had been resolved in recent months. By a vote of 6-0, with three members absent, the largest school district in Nebraska adopted a $710 million budget for the upcoming school year.

“Tonight is the result of a months-long effort and countless hours of labor by the OPS staff to create a budget,” said the district’s chief financial officer, Shane Rhian.

The budget was given in considerable detail by Rhian on September 8, and this material has been accessible online since then. The small audience in attendance at the OPS Teacher Administration Center offered little opposition.

From $690 million to $710 million, the budget is boosted by $20 million.

In 2022-2023, 78% of the school’s budget will be allocated to employees and teachers, according to Rhian. This includes an 8% rise in salary and perks for employees. Additionally, there is a slight drop in the district tax levy.

Dr. Cheryl Logan, superintendent of OPS, stated that the proposed budget reduces the tax levy for the seventh time in the past decade. Mr. Rhian provided five-year predictions on September 8 as part of the budget development process, which takes an entire year.

The presentation of the winners of the district’s Summer Reading Challenge was a particularly uplifting aspect of the meeting. Students at Edison Elementary accumulated 336,374 minutes of summer reading, which is twice as much as their closest competitors. They exchanged numerous congratulations fist bumps from the board.

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