Omaha police released body camera footage of the shooting at Dino’s Storage store.

OMAHA, Neb. (Nebraska) — Omaha police released four body-camera photos of the fatal incident at Dino’s Storage Monday night. Two police officers shot and killed a burglary suspect, who died.

Officer Nicholas Lanning and Officer Joshua Moore were injured in the exchange. Police say the suspect, 38-year-old Stephen Docken, was killed after being shot several times.

photo on camera

CONTENT WARNING: Some may find these images difficult to view.

In the first photo, Doken can be seen in the closet just behind this laundry basket.

Omaha Police Department

In the next two photos, the police say Dokken is trying to get away from the cops.

Omaha Police Department

Omaha Police Department

In the last photo, Doken is holding what looks like a pistol in his right hand.

Omaha Police Department

The Omaha Police Department said it would adhere to Nebraska’s statutes and release transcripts and body camera footage if the case is dismissed by a grand jury. The materials will be available for review upon request.


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