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Omaha police announce new contract with officers’ association

Omaha, Nebraska – The Omaha Police Department has been grappling with recruitment challenges, amid efforts to meet the budgeted quota of 906 police officers of which only 797 are currently employed. In an effort to address the situation, Omaha Mayor, Jean Stothert, will join the Omaha Police Officers Association (OPOA) President, Tony Conner, for an announcement of the police union’s contract on Wednesday afternoon.

The annual State of the City address by the Omaha Mayor in March revealed that the City faced challenges in recruiting officers for the Omaha Police Department. One strategy to address the problem was salary increase, a solution that has been adopted by other police departments. Interestingly, the City is expected to graduate 34 new recruits this summer, thereby leaving 75 open positions to be filled.

Omaha is not alone in facing recruitment challenges; Police departments in Hawaii have been forced to provide incentives and Las Vegas is finally seeing an increase in recruitment numbers. The difficulty in attracting recruits is not unique to Omaha. The OPOA and the Mayor will be taking the necessary measures to address this problem.

The City has also made notable additions to the police and fire headquarters while procuring a new fleet of fire vehicles. Seven new medic units will also be in service by the end of April. These additions should increase the City’s capacity to respond effectively to incidents and manage emergency situations.

This announcement comes as the City continues to make improvements in public safety while prioritizing the safety of all citizens. The Omaha Police Department has been known to take on a proactive approach to law enforcement and its activities are closely monitored by the OPOA.

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