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Omaha parents of students were not informed by the school officials about a fight that happened during school hours

OMAHA, Nebraska – Frustrated parents contact 6 News On Your Side regarding a school brawl. They frequently receive letters from the principal when anything occurs.

However, not this time

A week has passed since the unsettling video of a fight at Central High School began circulating on social media. Parents want to know why the school did not inform them.

The 14-second film was blurred by 6 News to protect the youngsters involved and bystanders. The teen with the red shirt throws at least twenty punches in the school’s gym foyer. In the video, the second adolescent defended himself without throwing a single punch.

Here is when the violence begins.

At least three times before the video ends, the youngster in the red shirt and red shoes body slams the other student and steps on his head.

Frustrated parents contact 6 News On Your Side regarding a school brawl.

Parents of Central students did not wish to appear on camera in order to protect their own families. They are confused as to why they learned about the conflict through social media. For a system that takes pleasure in sending letters to parents when something unusual occurs at school, this never occurred in the hallway beating case.

“Central High had communication ready to share with families, but due to a staff error, the letter was not disseminated as planned,” said district administrators. And that they “frequently communicate with staff and family when the learning environment is disrupted.”

Even a week after the fight, parents have never received a letter regarding this matter.

According to the Omaha Police report from last Thursday, the 14-year-old victim of a body slam was transported to the medical room by paramedics. He was complaining about neck and wrist pain to the school nurse.

The other 14-year-old student was issued a citation for misdemeanor assault and disorderly conduct and then released to his family.

Communications from the Omaha Public School district state that, due to privacy rules, administrators cannot provide medical information or discuss discipline.

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