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Omaha mother and father arrested and charged for beating baby daughter, fractured skull among the other injuries, report

Omaha, Nebraska – Mother and father from Omaha face jail time after they were arrested and charged with several charges after their daughter was hospitalized with several injuries sustained in a beating by her father last November.

According to multiple reports, the couple identified as the 24-year-old Dakota Vick and the 23-year-old Theodor Hurt who are currently jailed, face years in prison for the beating of her daughter in an incident that happened mid-November last year when the father wanted to play video games while the baby was crying next to him.

The couple initially took their 8-month-old daughter to hospital for treatment where it was discovered that the baby girl had suffered fractured skull and significant swelling on the right side of her head. When questioned by the authorities what had happened, the couple said the baby fell of the bed twice while they tried to change her a diaper.

However, the Omaha Police Department officers went and arrested the father in December last year after they have been told by the hospital’s officials that the baby’s injuries were inconsistent with the couple’s story. That’s the moment when the father of the infant admitted of beating the baby.

According to the father’s story, the day when the beating took place the infant skipped a nap and she was fussier than usual. In the afternoon hours when he was trying to play video games with his online friends, the little girl was constantly crying and that’s when he took the child upstairs and threw her into a travel crib set so hard that her head hit the wall.

He was jailed and remained behind bars ever since.

The mother of the infant was arrested last week after the police discovered that she knew about the incident, but did nothing to stop her husband and she even lied to the police when they initially questioned them last year. According to the authorities, the mother and father are facing child abuse charges and they are jailed at $82,500 and $25,000 bonds.

Meanwhile, the father pleaded guilty, while the mother is yet to enter a plea.

This is a developing story. Once more details are available, we will update the case.

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