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Omaha metro area church pastors be better prepared in the event of an emergency, all of them eligible for security training

OMAHA, Nebraska – The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is assisting church pastors in enhancing their emergency preparedness.

DCSO delivered a training workshop for pastors in the metropolitan region on handgun familiarization and church security in partnership with Lionsgate Security Solutions.

With an increase in armed individuals invading houses of worship, Saturday’s seminar provided pastors with emergency response training.

They distributed what they term active killer kits to guests. These kits contain items to restrain a person and medical supplies for those who may be injured.

“Remember 2.5 minutes,” says Chief Deputy Wayne Hudson. “That’s how long it takes for an active killer situation to stop once it begins.” Therefore, unless a law enforcement officer in a cruiser is directly across the street, the likelihood of us being on time in 2.5 minutes is quite low.

The sheriff’s office suggests that all church organizations in the metropolitan area be proactive and have emergency safety and security procedures in place.

In the future, the sheriff’s office will hold another training session for congregations that were unable to attend Saturday’s event.

Chief Deputy Hudson tells 6 News that a local pastor created a plan that addresses both active shooter and natural catastrophe circumstances. They intend to distribute the template to any houses of worship that request it.

If you have any questions, please call Chief Deputy Hudson at (402) 444-6466.

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