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Omaha marine that died a year ago at the Kabul International Airport in Afghanistan was honored Saturday, 144 golfers showed respect

OMAHA, Nebraska – On Saturday, 144 golfers paid tribute to a local fallen marine who had served in the military.

A little over a year ago, Corporal Daegan Page gave his life for his country at the Kabul International Airport in Afghanistan. He was killed in action.

“Just knowing that everybody’s showing up and giving because of their love of Daegan and because of the love of all of our families and Daegan’s families, it’s just amazing,” said Daegan’s mother, Wendy Adelson. “Just knowing that everybody’s showing up and giving because of their love of Daegan and because of the love of all of our families and Daegan’s

They honored him together with the 12 other service members who passed away at the same time as he did.

Christopher Reynoso was present at the golf tournament that was held. In addition to that, he is Daegan’s best buddy and was his roommate in the past. At Daegan’s funeral, Reynoso was the one who carried the urn containing his ashes.

According to Reynoso, “they gave up their life in order to ensure the safety of others.” “In the Marine Corps, we train to do just that. That is the kind of work we do. Because I am a man of my word, the fact that I am always here for him to rely on means a great deal to him. If I were in his position, I have no doubt that he would act the same way.

Chris was there, along with the other marines, for the outing. At the occasion, there was both a silent auction and parachutists who flew the American flag while they fell from the sky.

Additionally there was Daegan’s father at the event.

“One of the things that is incredibly important to us is figuring out how to help those veterans who are struggling with their mental health. How can we best assist them as they make the transition from active duty to civilian life? stated his dad, Greg.

Because of this, the Corporal Daegan Page Foundation will receive donations from the earnings of this event. It is a charitable organization that helps support veterans as well as other causes that are important to Daegan, such as hockey, boy scouts, and pets.

His mother stated that she thought it would be wonderful if this was something that the four of them did once a year.

According to Reynoso, “I intend to continue doing this for the rest of my life.” “As long as this continues, you can count on me to remain here. And despite the fact that it’s a basketball competition. A hockey competition, I’ve never played before since I’ve never learned how to skate, but if they want me to play, I’ll play hockey.”

One of Daegan’s many passions was the sport of ice hockey. However, Daegan’s parents are really hoping that this golf tournament would become an annual tradition.

On Sunday, there will be an additional 150 golfers coming out to support the family and the organization. This brings the overall number of golfers competing in the first Corporal Daegan Page event to close to 300.

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