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Omaha man arrested by the local authorities believed to be involved in last May’s shooting incident, report

Omaha, Nebraska – On Friday, the Omaha Police Department officers arrested a suspect wanted for involvement in last May’s shooting incident, the department confirmed.

According to the police’s announcement, the suspect identified as the 39-years-old Kevin McWilliams was arrested on Friday north of downtown at near 16th & Carter Blvd.

The police, who had to close part of 16th street while they were arresting the suspect, arrested him on a warrant issued on Thursday.

McWilliams, who is well-known offender to the local authorities because his long criminal history, was booked for assault.

McWilliams was wanted for last May’s shooting incident that took place in the area of 18th & Fort when a local resident was shot and injured.

The victim in the shooting was transferred to hospital for treatment with a gunshot wound and he survived.

Once the police release more details about the case, we will update the story.

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