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Omaha man, accused of bringing a weapon on school grounds, was charged with possession of a firearm

OMAHA, Nebraska – Police in Omaha apprehend a suspect who allegedly possessed a firearm on school grounds. This is not the complete story.

Last week, Omaha police pursued a black Cadillac that, according to them, was racing through a neighborhood.

According to detectives, after striking a storm drain around 35th and Decatur, the vehicle came to a halt and the driver and passenger fled in opposite directions.

Officers report seeing the passenger fleeing while carrying a firearm. As he raced along the north side of Franklin Elementary, officers say he crossed the street with the firearm still in his hands.

This is the basis for the possession of a firearm on school property charge.

According to court records, Nolan Waters, 27, is a convicted felon. For the most recent incident, he was arrested for obstruction, felon in possession of a firearm, and possession of an AR-15 on school grounds.

In 2019, law enforcement was investigating how he and other inmates gained access to telephones within the Nebraska State Penitentiary. It is unclear what, if any, progress investigators made.

There is a Snapchat video of Nolan Waters sending a short video from his jail while serving a four-year sentence for possession of a lethal weapon by a criminal. He was freed on parole in the summer of last year.

The bond for Waters’ release from the Douglas County Jail is $75,000.

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