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Omaha group reacts after free at-home tests were stopped due to lack of funding from Congress, report

OMAHA, Nebraska — Due to a shortage of money from Congress, the federal government has discontinued the distribution of its free COVID-19 examinations that could be completed at home.

Officials from the government want to ensure that there are sufficient tests accessible in case there is an outbreak this fall.

Local pharmacists in Omaha have been anticipating the decision for some time.

David Kohll, who works for Kohll’s Pharmacy, stated that “There have always been changes and we’ve always adapted to the changes,” and that the company is therefore not surprised.

Exams can be taken in your vehicle at Kohl’s, but the company does not provide take-home tests. During the most severe phase of the epidemic, Kohl’s was performing more than one thousand COVID-19 tests every single day. They are currently at about 250 each week at this point.

Kohll anticipates that number to rise in the future.

If there is a compelling reason to do so, “We have the potential of moving ahead and ramping up.”

People who require a COVID-19 test can get one from OneWorld Community Health Centers, Inc. either in the convenience of their own homes or by driving to one of their locations.

Cantrece Taylor from OneWorld predicted that this location would have a significant amount of foot traffic.

Covid.gov explains the decision to stop sending out at-home tests by stating, “Ordering through the free at-home test program was suspended on Friday, September 2 because Congress hasn’t provided additional funding to replenish the nation’s stockpile of tests.” This is the reason why at-home tests are no longer being sent out.

Taylor is of the opinion that the ruling will have repercussions.

“That will take away from the families who don’t have transportation to drive to places like OneWorld to get their COVID testing,” said Taylor. “That will take away from the families who don’t have transportation.” “It would be beneficial in the long run if they continued to deliver those tests to the homes of those who are unable to go out and acquire them,” said the researcher.

You can obtain information regarding the locations of drive-up testing stations by visiting the website of the Douglas County Health Department.

Visit the website of OneWorld to submit a request for at-home testing.

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