Omaha Freezes as Electric Bikes and Settlements Make Headlines

Reed Moore Daily Newsletters archive can be accessed anytime to keep up with the latest happenings around Omaha and Nebraska. In today’s highlights, you can dive into the world of Elsa from Frozen that is currently staged at the Orpheum touring show. It is set to run until the end of April, bringing a magical and unforgettable experience to all ages. On the other hand, the regional Heartland Bike Share program is going all-electric, with bicycle riders preferring battery-powered bikes for everyday transportation.

In other news, Behavioral health provider Community Alliance is seeking $2 million to finish construction of its new headquarters. Furthermore, an Omaha Public Schools bus driver safely evacuated students from a bus before it burst into flames. The U.S. Department of Labor has also ordered the owner of several Omaha bars and restaurants, which include Alice, Barnato, Berry & Rye, Laka Lomo Rum Club, Via Farina, and Wicked Rabbit, to pay $272,163 in back wages to its employees.

In Nebraska, the state has agreed to pay a nearly $19 million settlement to about 400 current and former Nebraska state troopers. This long-lasting lawsuit, brewing for years and producing thousands of documents, accuses the state of underpaying retirement funds. At the same time, an ethical investigation resulted in the retraction of a UNL study of Husker football players’ concussions, which claimed a potential new way to identify head injuries with more than 99% accuracy.

In the legislature, a bill requiring most Nebraska gas stations to carry a higher blend of ethanol-mixed gasoline has temporarily hit a roadblock. As senators believe it is government overreach, LB562 will mandate gas stations to cover the costs of adding E-15 pumps, thereby boosting ethanol profits at a time when the future of ethanol is uncertain, particularly as electric vehicles become increasingly popular.

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