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Omaha forest will undergo some major renovations, Acorn Acres child’s play area in Fontenelle Forest will close on Sept. 19

OMAHA, Nebraska – An Omaha forest that contains a well-liked play area will soon have significant upgrades made to it.

The Acorn Acres children’s playground in the Fontenelle Forest will be closed permanently as of Monday, September 19th.

According to Fontenelle Forest, the one-acre play area that will be undergoing renovations will be closed for a number of months. Acorn Acres is going to be a “fully reinvented, nature-inspired playscape for children and families to engage with the outdoors,” according to the event organizers.

Midway through the year 2023 is when Acorn Acres is scheduled to reopen after undergoing renovations.

Matt Darling, the Executive Director of Fontenelle Forest, expressed his excitement about the possibility of reimagining this area, saying, “We are incredibly pleased about the potential.” “Our mission is to provide fresh and interesting methods for parents to spend time with their children in the great outdoors, where they may have fun while also gaining knowledge about the natural world, and perhaps even get their hands a little filthy.”

Fontenelle Forest claims that the redesigned area will have an experience that is influenced by the natural world. At Acorn Acres, rather of having typical playground equipment, children will have the opportunity to have adventures with trees, rocks, logs, and other materials inspired by nature.

According to the people in charge of organizing it, this won’t be your typical playground experience at all.

“It’s crucial to underline that this will not be a playground or a splash pad,” Darling continued. “I want to emphasize that.” “It is crucial that walking through Acorn Acres continue to be an experience that is complementary to wandering through the Forest itself. We want children of all ages and abilities to be able to explore Acorn Acres with their families and experience the outdoors in whichever way works best for them. In addition, diversity is a major focus of this project.

During the time when Fontenelle Forest is undergoing renovations, the staff highly advises that family visit Habitat Hollow, which is a nature-themed play space located indoors.

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