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Omaha double murder suspect still not brought to Omaha, extradition goes slow

OMAHA, Nebraska – Nearly two months have passed since the horrible killings of two women in South Omaha.

After barricading himself inside a church in Winterset, Iowa, Gage Walter was apprehended. He remains in a Des Moines jail resisting extradition, but the victim’s family is dissatisfied with the process.

Memories of a nice family who enjoyed gatherings.

“Nana and Grandma represent five generations,” remarked Shelby Walter.

However, they will be absent from future family photographs as they represent the oldest generation. Marceline Teeters, aged 93, and Linda Walter, aged 70, were slain at their residence on August 13th.

Jim Walter stated, “The family wants answers: the children, my grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and myself.”

Gage Walter, grandson and great-grandson of the victim, was captured near Des Moines on August 14 and has been in an Iowa jail ever since.

Jim Walter stated, “I understand it takes a long time for all of this to occur, but at least get it started and give us some solace.”

Gage Walter did not waive extradition, and his counsel in Iowa refused to explain why. Therefore, the prosecutor of Douglas County, Nebraska initiated the process for a governor’s warrant, which the family says has taken too long to obtain.

“We are not merely documents sitting on a desk. We are a real family going through the worst suffering imaginable. Shelby Walter remarked, “We have lost two gorgeous and amazing women.”

However, Nebraska has 90 days to finish the extraction, and it has only been 60 days since the alleged murderer was returned to Omaha.

“He has no plans to leave. We will ensure that this is done correctly by ensuring that all i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed. And I am confident that the family will appreciate it in the end,’ said Brenda Beadle, chief deputy county attorney.

Two weeks passed before the prosecutor learned that Iowa would not waive the extradition. After paperwork, a holiday, and the court clerk’s one-week vacation, multiple official signatures are necessary. The office of Governor Ricketts reports that the request for an extradition warrant came in Lincoln on September 21, requiring multiple clearances prior to being signed and delivered to the governor of Iowa. After attorney general review, Governor Reynolds might sign the warrant by the end of the week, and Gage Walter would be returned shortly thereafter.

“I visited the spot; it was horrifying. Beadle stated, “I’ve spoken with Mr. Walter a few times, and after the extradition process is complete, we will have a meeting to walk through the procedures because it’s overwhelming.”

But Jim Walter will be less frustrated once the suspected murderer is in a Nebraska jail and court.

“Perhaps we’ll have an explanation as to why. Why did you harm this woman, why did you do this, what was the reason?” stated Jim Walter.

Jim Walter desires not just justice but also an automobile. Just days before her death, Linda Walter purchased a PT Cruiser.

Jim Walter stated, “I will never sell her automobile.”

Jim is eager to clear up the garage to make way for his late wife’s beloved PT Cruiser, but the system has also stalled this endeavor. The PT Cruiser was stolen and utilized as a getaway vehicle by the murder suspect, so it is unknown when Jim will receive the vehicle back.

Beadle stated, “Once you pass over a piece of evidence, you cannot get it back, and if the defense wants to test something, we must have it available and secure.”

A family adjusting to tragedy and the extradition procedure.

Shelby Walter stated, “Things were moving so slowly until we contacted 6 News On Your Side, and with their assistance, we obtained some of the necessary answers.”

According to them, it is easier to wait for the trial of the alleged killer and the family’s day in court.

Jim Walter remarked, “He must confront this.”

Chief Deputy County Attorney Brenda Beadle states that a defendant’s refusal to renounce extradition is uncommon, but she has dealt with more of them than usual during the past few months.

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