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Omaha Community Playhouse hosts ‘School of Rock event based on the early 2000’s movie

OMAHA, Nebraska — School is in session, but put away your pencils and get ready to party because we’re about to rock! At the Omaha Community Playhouse, the musical School of Rock is about to make its debut on the Hawks main stage.

Stephen Santa, who is in charge of directing the production, explained that “The School of Rock musical is based on the early 2000s movie of course starring Jack Black.”

Santa Claus expressed his wish that families will attend the presentation and be wowed by the children in attendance.

Santa Claus is quoted as saying, “We have 14 kids in the program, and they do remarkable things; they are singing, dancing, and acting, and even playing live rock and roll instruments on stage.”

Tickets are still available. There will be performances of the show every Wednesday through Sunday up until the 16th of October.

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