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Omaha city council was expected to approve the space sale for North Omaha Music and Arts Academy, but a wording error has delayed that vote

OMAHA, Nebraska — Inspiration can be found in numerous locations.

At the intersection of North 24th Street and Lake Street, a musical legacy is being resurrected to inspire the next generation of North Omaha artists.

We are not reinventing the wheel. Dan Murray stated, “We are simply nourishing the soil and tending the existing vegetation.”

Murray is the Executive Director of the North Omaha Music and Arts Academy, or NOMA, a new venture that will provide North Omaha kids with an opportunity to improve their artistic skills and a location for them and other artists to exhibit their work.

There will be 450 seats available. We will have the city’s largest recording studio. Murray stated, “In addition to our primary objective, which is youth education, we will host a variety of entertaining activities.”

NOMA will be constructed on the site of the former Love’s Jazz and Arts Center, which was named for Omaha jazz icon Preston Love.

The city council was supposed to approve the sale of the land during this week’s meeting, but a clerical error has postponed the decision until next week’s meeting.

The city’s planning commission has also unanimously approved the NOMA proposal.

While NOMA will not bear the Love name, Preston Love Jr. is enthusiastic about the change NOMA will bring to North Omaha.

“NOMA has tremendous potential. I want to place it in the perspective of this community’s present moment. North Omaha is entering a new era, according to Preston Love Jr.

Murray sees the same potential and envisions NOMA as a cultural hub that will complement revitalization efforts in other North Omaha neighborhoods.

This will attract Omaha and the remainder of Omaha down to 24th Street. Along this 24th street corridor, there will be an increase in foot traffic that will benefit new companies, whether they be restaurants or other entertainment places. All of this is quite exciting for the community.

If you would want to support NOMA’s aim of bringing artistic and educational opportunities to North Omaha, you are encouraged to attend their October 15th fundraiser with the Omaha Rotary Night Club.

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