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Omaha City Council approved $10 million in TIF for the five-story apartment complex that should be built at 48th and Dodge

OMAHA, Nebraska — Along Dodge Street, in an Omaha neighborhood that has been neglected for years, a massive apartment complex is planned.

A five-story, $82 million apartment tower is planned at the southeast corner of 48th and Dodge. The project will feature around 300 apartments designed for residents with middle-class incomes.

The proposal will demolish several of the dilapidated structures on the corner. The Pittman Building, however, which once housed Omaha’s first black-owned animal hospital, will remain as the leasing office.

“It’s not just a matter of keeping something ancient for the sake of saving something old,” stated project developer Zach Reinhardt. “It’s a matter of acknowledging that somebody made a historic investment in this area, in the same location where we want to make an investment, and paying tribute to that investment.”

This year, the proprietor of Pittman Animal Hospital, who was unrelated to Dr. Pittman, retired and the facility closed.

The Omaha City Council approved the over $10 million TIF request.


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