Omaha Art Gallery, Taste Event, and Fund for Victims all face Issues

Reed Moore, a daily newsletter, has highlighted some important news in and around Omaha today. Taste of Omaha, the popular food festival, is set to move to Ralston after it was denied a liquor license in Elmwood Park, costing the city around $20,000 in sales tax revenue. Meanwhile, victims of crimes in Nebraska are finding themselves further victimized by a state program intended to help them.

The Omaha Public Schools board is taking steps towards finding its next superintendent, while a new museum focusing on South Omaha’s immigrant history and livestock business, is opening thanks to a pandemic-related federal grant. Offutt Air Force Base is testing its “Giant Voice” loudspeaker for training exercises, while one Omaha-area nonprofit reports that the local foster care system is at capacity and requires more parents to take in children.

In other news, four defendants, including Omaha City Councilman Vinny Palermo, are being separated and sent to different jails in a federal corruption case. A local beekeeper is also raising awareness of a deadly and contagious honeybee disease present in Omaha. Creighton University’s recent report suggests that the Midwest’s economy is positively and slowly growing, which shows signs that the recession may be easing up.

In Nebraska’s legislature, a program established to provide financial assistance to victims of crime helps fewer people and denies a greater percentage of applicants than neighboring states’ respective programs. Additionally, plainclothes police officers recently shot a man in west Lincoln.

On another note, Nebraska’s school funding model has long confused taxpayers, politicians, and school officials. Nebraska Public Media recently reported on how the model works and what role it’s playing in legislative debate this session.

In its Harper’s Index, Reed Moore features a statistic indicating that only one in five people believe that online dating algorithms can predict love, according to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center in Washington.

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