Old “iPhone” sold for $35,000: First generation, sealed iPhone model brings fortune to owner

An iPhone from 2007 that was auctioned off and sold for a staggering $35,000despite the fact that it had never been used.

On the internet, you can find the first generation of revolutionary phones, but the original packaging that has not been opened is difficult to find.

Create a new chapter in time

In addition to a display of a phone that altered the meaning of the name “Apple” for all time, the box comes with 12 pre-installed programs.

Memory-wise, Cupertino’s initial smartphone offers only 8 gigabytes, which pales in comparison to the most recent iPhone 13, which has 128 gigabytes.

According to The Sun, the display is 3.5 inches, and the fact that it does not come pre-loaded with iTunes indicates that it is most likely part of the initial batch.

Before the start of the race

During the premiere, Steve Jobs declared that the iPhone was a breakthrough device that was five years ahead of all other phones now available on the market.

Let us to remind you that the devices of the first generation had a price tag of around $350.

It is likely that the late CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, will be most known for the company’s presentations; thus, we strongly recommend that you view the following attachment:

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