Oil spill response in Kansas investigated by TC Energy, this is what’s new

LINCOLN, Nebraska – On Tuesday, TC Energy released an update regarding the oil spill that occurred in Washington County, Kansas as a result of the Keystone Pipeline.

The company claims that there has been no detrimental effect on the onsite containment as a result of the rainfall that has occurred in the vicinity. According to TC Energy, their team had planned ahead for this event by constructing a secondary dam and gathering additional resources.

Crews are striving to alleviate dangerous road conditions by laying down additional gravel and mats and restricting traffic to the extent that it is safe to do so.

Workers were able to save a beaver that was affected by the incident on Monday. The animal is being cared for by independent environmental specialists contracted by TC Energy.

According to TC Energy, many booms have been installed downstream of the release location in order to prevent the oil from flowing farther downstream. They claim that the oil has not spread beyond the designated containment area.

The oil spill first took place on the 7th of December. The business reported that it had to turn off its Keystone system because of a decrease in pressure on the pipeline that transports oil from Canada to the Gulf Coast of Texas.

The oil leaked into a creek that is located close to the state line between Nebraska and Kansas. TC Energy calculated that the spill was approximately 14,000 barrels, which is equivalent to 588,000 gallons.

TC Energy did not have any new information regarding what caused the incident at this time. The investigation is still going on at this time.

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