Oath Keepers militia group member Larry Langer said he quit the organization six or seven years ago, but remains committed to the mission

LINCOLN, Nebraska — The only person from Nebraska to be named in a comprehensive investigation into the compromised membership lists of the extreme-right Oath Keepers militia group stated on Friday that he was “quite astonished” to learn that he was the only person from his state to be named.

Larry Langer, who is a member of the village board in Alvo, a small village midway between Omaha and Lincoln, said that he quit the organization six or seven years ago because of some egotistical leaders, but he said that he is still committed to the organization’s mission. Alvo is a village that is about halfway between Omaha and Lincoln.

According to Langer, the aim is to remind personnel of the military and law enforcement that their first responsibility is to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

He explained, “I used to be a member of them, and I was darn pleased to do it.” “It would appear that at least some of the Oath Keepers have deviated from their objective,” the narrator says. Because of that, we were able to get out of it.

The characterization of the Oath Keepers as “anti-government,” “extreme,” or “a terrorist outfit,” according to Langer, are not accurate.

“There is no radicalism,” admits a former member.

He described them as “decent individuals” who were also concerned about the welfare of their neighborhood. There was no sign of extremism at all. If you were considered a radical, you would be expelled.

The Nebraska Examiner reached out to Langer after the Anti-Defamation League Center on Extremism, a Jewish organization that fights anti-Semitism and other forms of bias, published a report stating that hundreds of people named on Oath Keepers membership lists across the country were current or former elected officials, military members, and law enforcement officers. The report was issued in response to the fact that the Oath Keepers have vowed to keep their oaths to the Constitution and the

In a statement, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) referred to the Oath Keepers as “an anti-government extremist group affiliated with the militia movement.” The Oath Keepers are referred to as “one of the largest far-right antigovernment groups in the United States today” by the Southern Law Poverty Center, which monitors the activities of extremist groups.

Some have been charged with plotting to overthrow the government.

The group has recently been in the news due to the fact that at least 26 of its members have been arrested in connection with the violent attack that took place on January 6 on the United States Capitol.

Twelve of those Oath Keepers, including the group’s founder Stewart Rhodes, are being accused of attempting to obstruct congressional confirmation of the presidential election that will take place in 2020. The seditious conspiracy charge is one of the most serious accusations that can be made.

The armed standoff at Bundy Ranch in 2014 between members of Oath Keepers and the Bureau of Land Management was also attended by Oath Keepers members. During the rioting that occurred in 2014 and 2015 in Ferguson, Missouri, armed Oath Keepers roamed the streets. According to Langer, this activity protected the businesses that were located in Ferguson.

In 2016, a warning that was posted on the website of the Oath Keepers said that if Hillary Clinton was elected president, there would be “outright civil war.”

Following an investigation into hacked membership records obtained by a journalism collective known as Distributed Denial of Secrets, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) released its report.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) stated that it discovered 234 Nebraskans on the membership lists among the approximately 38,000 Oath Keepers members across the country. However, the ADL emphasized that those listed may not currently be members, may have never been members, or may have joined the organization without fully understanding what it was all about.

According to the report, one of those Nebraskans served as an elected figure, another served in the military, two were active in law enforcement, and four were first responders.

The identities of those eight members were not included in the initial report, and a representative for the Anti-Defamation League stated that the organization would not disclose the names of “rank-and-file officers because they are not public/elected officials.”

Langer was the only person in the state of Nebraska who met the criteria of being in a position of trust, such as an elective office, being the police chief, or being the sheriff.

Tire pile dispute

In recent weeks, Langer has been the subject of media attention. During the course of several months, he was involved in a tire recycling operation in Alvo, which was the subject of numerous complaints. State environmental and fire inspectors issued a directive to the business that required them to clear up the massive pile of tens of thousands of trash tires that they had accumulated since the tires posed both a health risk and a fire risk. The size of the pile had increased to more than twice as much as what was permitted by the authorities.

Langer placed the blame for the problems on a lack of available truck drivers as well as on the fact that he was ill with cancer. There was an attempt to recall members of the village board, but Langer was successful in avoiding this (while another board member did not).

A decision was made not too long ago to declare the pile to be clean, around a year after Langer transferred his share of the business to his son.

Friday, when asked about the Oath Keepers, Langer responded that he was startled to learn that he was the only person listed. He stated that when he was a member of the group, the vice president of the organization was a Nebraskan; nevertheless, this individual was neither an elected official nor a law enforcement executive.

When asked, Langer stated that he was unaware of whether or not other members of the group were elected officials or heads of police or sheriff’s departments at the time he was active. However, he reported that a significant number of the participants in the webinars he attended were either present or former members of the armed forces as well as law enforcement.

According to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the Oath Keepers have made these organizations the focus of their recruitment efforts in the hopes of ensuring that members of the armed forces and law enforcement will challenge as unconstitutional any orders issued by the government that the Oath Keepers believe may one day be implemented, such as the widespread seizure of firearms.

Could be said to have “gone radical.”

Langer stated that the only way to “preserve our country” was through the efforts of the military and law enforcement.

He claimed that he had only been a member of the Oath Keepers for about four or five months, and he speculated that the group may have “become radical” in recent years.

According to Langer, he and other members of the group left the organization because some of its participants appeared to be involved “to reinforce their own ego” rather than to concentrate on the group’s primary objective.

He went on to say that despite leaving the Oath Keepers, he is continuing to do what that organization had been doing, which was instructing individuals on how to utilize firearms and strategies for survival. According to Langer, the training takes place in a former missile site that is located along U.S. Highway 34 near Alvo. During the training, participants learn how to skin a deer, can food, and purify water.

He stated that it was possible that the electricity may not be available indefinitely.

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