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Oak Forest man decided to speak publicly after his son and daughter were killed on Friday

Chicago, Illinois – A distraught father is speaking out about the loss of his son and daughter, who were among four slain early Friday morning in Oak Forest in a domestic disturbance.

Son Emilio, age 20, and daughter Briana, age 22, of Jorge Rodriguez were shot and killed on Saturday in an incident that prompted a major police presence and horrified the south suburban community. Authorities determined that the killings of Emilio, Briana, and their mother, Lupe Gomez, were all murders.

Police have not officially identified the perpetrator of the incident. The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office stated on Saturday that one of the individuals, 44-year-old Carlos Gomez, committed suicide by self-inflicted gunshot wound.

On Saturday, one day after his children’s deaths, Jorge Rodriguez reflected on the memories and time he spent with his children and declared that his heart is irreparably broken.

“No father should ever have to bury their children,” he remarked. They tell me I must be strong, but I cannot be.

Jorge Rodriguez stated that his daughter Briana had a large smile, whilst Emilio was protective of his older sibling. Both intended to return to school.

“She desired to go college and study sign language,” Dawn Guerrero, Jorge Rodriguez’s wife, added. Emilio was always humorous and had a kind heart.

Friday’s alleged gunshot, barricade situation, and house fire in Oak Forest resulted in the deaths of at least four people, officials said. Lexi Sutter of NBC 5 provides additional details regarding the incident.

Jorge Rodriguez and his fiancée claim they fought in court for years to acquire custody of the children, but were unsuccessful.

Guerrero stated, “There were so many complaints on the house, but nobody caught it, and now it’s too late.”

Jorge Rodriguez stated that all he wants is his children back, and he must now live with this remorse for the remainder of his life.

“They will always be in my heart,” he stated.

“We want to bury our children gently so that they have peace and are no longer in turmoil and agony,” Guerrero’s wife stated.

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