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O.J. Simpson’s Opinion on Murdo Murders Goes Viral – He Believes Defendant Made Serious Mistake in Court

OJ Simpson commented on the Alex Murdo trial in a couple of videos he posted on Twitter and said he didn’t understand why people keep asking. to him about it.

The former actor and football star either had no idea about the irony of the statement, or perfectly mastered the art of pretending to be dumb.

“I don’t know why they consider me an expert,” he said in a viral video hours before the verdict. “People keep asking me what I think about Alex Murdo’s trial.”

Murdo was convicted Thursday for the murder of his wife and son in 2021. On Friday, he was sentenced to two consecutive life terms.

Simpson said he followed the case and only touched briefly on how it relates to his own 1995 trial in which he was accused of stabbing his ex-wife and her girlfriend to death.

Simpson did not testify in his own defense when he was tried and acquitted of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

Murdo spoke for several days, and Simpson said he thought it was a serious mistake, given that he personally believed the lawyer and the South Carolina lawyer’s heir were guilty.

“When he took the stand, the guy who is a regular liar, I was watching,” Simpson said. “I thought it was probably a mistake because this guy is an avowed liar.”

Simpson knew the details of Murdo’s trial to the letter, including disgraced lawyer an alleged embezzlement from his former firm and questions raised about the death of one of his former housekeepers.

Simpson said that he estimated that Murdo was only hoping to build a relationship with one juror in hopes of ending the jury trial.

“There were a lot of reasonable doubts,” he said.

Simpson’s decision to evaluate case was interesting for obvious reasons.

Conservative radio host John Ziegler shared the video and criticized Simpson.

“The man who killed his wife and her friend and dropped the charges despite not having the courage to accept [the] stand wondering why people might think he is an expert on a clearly guilty rich guy on trial for killing his wife…,” Ziegler wrote.

After the jury returned their verdict, Simpson released another video in which he concluded that Murdo’s lies were too big for him to overcome.

“Done,” he said. “Down goes Murdo.”

None of the Simpson videos appear to have been deep forgerieswhich would be almost more plausible than the truth, namely, he, of all people, made a conscious decision to comment on a case in which a wealthy man was accused of a double murder.

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