Nvidia RTX 3050, Core i9-12900HK is faster than M1 Max, Elite Dragonfly G3

After two weeks in a row with a bunch of hardware, this week we can hardly have anything interesting. The two most interesting news are related to two pieces of hardware that had the first reviews this week: Nvidia RTX 3050 and Intel Core i9-12900HK.

Nvidia RTX 3050

After the horrific reviews the Radeon RX 6500XT received last week, it was almost certain that Nvidia would not be able to repeat the “success” of AMD. Both cards should offer a cheaper solution for users who are not “addicted” to the best performance. The RX 6500XT failed to impress anyone in this attempt, and now the first reviews of the new Nvidia card are available.

The performance of the card is not bad, but unfortunately you can not find it. Additionally, the $ 250 models are not available anywhere, and there are already models that sell for $ 330 and even $ 490. These are cards that are factory overclocked by the manufacturer, but the price for the card that was supposed to be a budget model, is too high.

The second problem is that if you thought that in 2022 the budget model means 1440p resolution, you were wrong. The budget is 1080p and the card for the most part has no problem with this resolution, but it can not achieve the performance of the GTX 1070, and this card came out in 2016. The advantage of the RTX 3050 should be “ray tracing”, but in order to maintain the performance, the resolution must be reduced to 720p, and the “high” and “ultra” settings can be freely forgotten.

The card today may be an upgrade for owners of the GTX 1060 or Radeon RX 580, but even here the question is what is the price to which this upgrade makes sense. Resellers are already selling the card for crazy prices. The price on eBay ranges from $ 743 (Zotac Twin Edge) to $ 2026 (Palit StormX), writes TomsHardware.

You can view the card performance of various games on ArsTechnica.

Core i9-12900HK is faster than M1 Max

To be honest, I did not believe it too much when Intel announced that the i9-12900HK would be the fastest laptop processor. Confirmations of these statements usually come with test lists, and then on some tests one processor is faster, on others another. This time, the Intel processor is really faster in all the benchmark tests, and in some of them it has even 30% better performance.

The Geekbench 5 test Core i9-12900HK has 3% better single-core performance and 6% multi-core tests. The results on the Handbrake tests are almost identical, but the Intel chip has a slight advantage (1%). The most noticeable difference is in the “Cinebench R23” – the multidirectional test in which the processor from Intel has up to 30% better performance.

The performance tells part of this story. A second important feature of processors for laptops and notebooks is the efficiency of the processor and how much power is required for this performance.

Apple’s M1 Max has a significant advantage in this “test”. Intel i9-12900HK has a power of 45W and a maximum power of 115W. Apple does not share the power of the M1 Max, but measurements by Tomshardware and AnandTech show that the M1 Max in the Cinebench tests showed 34W, and for the same test the measurements of the Intel processor show 94W.

The “crown” of performance is no doubt coming back to Intel, but CPU savings remain with Apple. Probably in the end the question remains which is more important, slightly better performance or longer working time. Of course, we can not forget that Apple devices are more expensive than the competition.

HP Elite Dragonfly G3

In early January, HP introduced a new upgrade to the Elite Dragonfly series of laptops. The first reviews of the laptop arrived this week, and in wider sales the laptop comes in March.

The most easily noticeable difference of the new computer is the 3: 2 screen with a resolution of 1920x1280px. There is also a hardware upgrade. The new Elite Dragonfly G3 comes with the latest 12th generation Intel processors; 32 GB RAM; and 2TB of free space. Some of the changes include adding USB-C on both sides, and moving the power button to be part of the keyboard. An easily noticeable but useful difference, according to the Verge review, are the keyboard keys, which are now larger.

The new Dragonfly G3 also says goodbye to the hybrid design, so it is now a standard laptop, and can not be used as a 2-in-1 laptop / tablet hybrid.

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