Nutritionists say that eating a banana for breakfast is not the best way to start your day

All of us were told by our mothers that if we didn’t get to bite into something more concrete, we should eat at least one banana.

But it seems that this fruit is still not suitable for breakfast. Nutritionists state that although a banana may seem like the perfect option for a quick breakfast, it’s actually not. If eaten alone, bananas are not the best option because they contain up to 25 percent sugar and belong to moderately acidic foods.

The best way to start the day is breakfast which burns fat, and which will make you energetic enough to last until your next meal. Although bananas will give you a short burst of energy, you will quickly feel tired and hungry. They are created more for a snack than as a specific meal, because they are not enough to start the day by themselves.

You can prevent that feeling of tiredness and hunger after eating a banana for breakfast by eating a banana combine foods full of healthy fats like avocado or spice.

Bananas belong to the group of acidic foods, that acid should be neutralized so that we get only good benefits from it such as potassium, fiber and magnesium, and not sugar that only causes a short burst of energy.

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