NTSB releases details of Auburn plane crash that killed 2 people

(Nebraska) – More details have emerged about the Auburn plane crash that killed two people, including a former UNK baseball player.

Colton Hill, 24, of Kearney, and Dustan Biegler, 41, of Valparaiso were killed in the crash. Hill graduated from the University of Nebraska-Kearney last May with a bachelor’s degree in aeronautical systems management with an emphasis in flight operations. He had also played baseball for UNK and owned a flight training operation.

According to the National Transportation and Safety Board’s preliminary report, flight data indicated that the Cessna 150H took off from Lincoln Airport at approximately 6:45 p.m. on Jan. 11, climbing approximately 3,500 feet. Wind speed was recorded at 12 knots, with visibility at 10 miles.

About six miles northwest of the Auburn airport, the aircraft began to descend, with the latest aerial surveillance report showing the aircraft flying at 105 knots approximately 1,900 feet per mile from the airport at 7 p.m.: 22 – two minutes before the crash just south of the airport.

That night 911 received a 11:00 p.m. call stating that a plane was missing; he was due to return to Lincoln but never arrived.

There were no witnesses to the crash and no evidence of a wire strike, but the NTSB report says the wreckage and debris placement indicate that the nose of the aircraft was facing down at the time of the crash.

“The front landing gear tire was found approximately 200 feet southwest of the main wreckage. The crushing of the forward fuselage (nose area) was consistent with an upside-down attitude during impact,” the report states.

The crash also left indications that all three wheels and both wingtips struck the ground in an empty farm field at some point during the crash.

“The aircraft came to rest in an upright position approximately 135 feet southeast of the initial impact,” the NTSB report said.

The agency held the aircraft for further examination.

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