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Notorious Crips boss Luis ‘Blue Boy’ Rosado says attempted murder charge ruins chances of book deal

All this convicted murderer wants is to commit murder.

Prominent Crips gang leader Luis “Blue Boy” Rosado complained to The Post that going back to prison on charges of attempted murder robs him of his chances of a book deal and the lead role in a documentary.

From Rikers, the 57-year-old prisoner who made headlines in 2008 for killing notorious police gunman Larry Davis while he was locked up in an upstate Ulster County Jail claimed he was once given $5,000 for appearing on a podcast. but “only gave them pieces” of his life’s story.

“I never told them the whole full story of my life. That’s why there had to be a book deal,” said the convicted murderer, who said his biography had already been written by writer Clayton Patterson.

“[Patterson] already got most of the story. We were writing a book telling the story of my life since childhood – how I ended up on the street, how I ended up in prison when I was 16 and received from 25 to life in prison, and all that I went through. in prison”.

Rosado, wearing an orange jumpsuit and speaking in a soft tone, also said that director Max Starr, who filmed footage and interviews with him, was “trying to find someone to push for the film to be released.”

Rosado said he was “working on something with Netflix,” but did not provide details. A spokesperson for Netflix said the claim was unfounded.

Photograph by Larry Davis.
Rosado stabbed Larry Davis 13 times at the Shawangank Correctional Facility in New York City, where they were both imprisoned in 2008.
News Day via Getty Images

Rosado is being held on charges of attempted murder, attempted assault and possession of a weapon for allegedly stabbing a 25-year-old man outside an East Village marijuana store on October 21 — just 11 months after he was on probation – released early from custody. 39 years in prison.

A murder conviction at the age of 16 earned Rosado a 25 to life sentence, which was later extended for Davis’ murder in the prison yard in 2008.

The notorious mobster has pleaded not guilty to the most recent charges against him, which he says the police placed on him simply because of his “reputation” and “history of involvement in violent situations.”

“I had a lot to do to get into bullshit like this,” he grumbled.

Patterson, who first visited Rosado in prison in 2009 and has since become “good friends” with him, told The Post that he may include the stories Rosado shared with him in a book he plans to write about the story. gangs of the Lower East Side – or I could devote an entire book to him.

“He is an absolutely charming man… I would like to honor his story because he deserves it. Someone needs to stand up for him – and if it’s me, then I agree, ”said Patterson.

“He really shouldn’t be afraid… He’s a very nice guy. But if you somehow disrespect him—say, spit on him or something like that—then you’re in trouble.”

Last spring, Rosado had just returned from prison to his Lower East Side hideouts when he was introduced to Starr — a director and co-owner of an East Village tattoo parlor — who was immediately interested in creating a “work of art” about him.

“Walking on [Lower East Side] with “Blue” he almost perfectly remembers how everything was before 1982. I feel very lucky to be able to ask him questions about the area, especially about his life at the time,” Starr told The Post.

Starr said he has tentative plans to turn the 20 hours of footage he filmed about Rosado into a short documentary about his life.

Starr worries that Rosado’s unforeseen return to prison will now make it harder for him to return and “tweak” the details of the film, but “hopefully Blue and I can keep doing that,” he said.

New York’s Son of Sam Act of 2012 prohibits criminals from profiting from their crimes, including through the commercial sharing of their stories—the money should instead go to the victims.

Starr and Patterson have said that money is not their source of inspiration, and that Rosado would not receive any money if a book or film deal was made.

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