“Not much is known about the Omicron strain variant yet,” A sub-variant of the omicron strain is spreading throughout Europe

The sub-variant “BA.2” affected Norway, Sweden and Great Britain, and in Denmark it suppressed the basic strain “BA.1” and became dominant.

“Not much is known about the Omicron strain variant yet,” geneticist Urlich Elling told the Austrian news agency APA.

He states that the strain mutation shows that only a broad-based immune response can lead to endemism.

With systematic analysis of wastewater “BA.2” was discovered in Austria.

BA.2 differs from the basal omicron in 18 mutations in the spiked protein.

It is speculated that the new sub-variant could even better “break through” the immunity acquired by a previous disease or vaccine.

The appearance and spread of the subvariant could lead to a double blow, but, says the Austrian geneticist, those who have already been infected with omicron should not be infected with the variant “BA.2”.

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