Not for comfort: Why do dogs sleep in a bent position?

Almost all sleeping dogs enter a bent position. We all think that it is very comfortable for them, but the reason is completely different.

Some behaviors of our pets are deeply rooted in evolution, and so is this, which dates back to a time when it was not yet normal for dogs to live with us and sleep on the couch.

We often say that dogs are man’s best friends, among other things, because they can give us a lot of laughter and joy with their unusually playful behavior, but it must be admitted that sometimes they can be a little weird – when they bow their heads as we talk to them. or when they suddenly start rolling on the floor.

Why do dogs bow their heads to one side when we talk to them?

However, there are those innate dog habits and behaviors that experts today have scientific explanations for. You’ve probably noticed that dogs always curl up in a ball before falling asleep sweetly: but if you think it’s just because of the comfortable position, you’re wrong.

Margaret Gruen, an assistant professor of behavioral medicine at North Carolina State Veterinary University, says it has its roots in the evolution of dogs.

“When dogs sleep in the wild, especially where it is very cold, they dig a nest in the ground and nest in it. The body bent into a ball allows them to retain heat better. “This pose also protects their most sensitive organs from potential predators.”

Of course, to many it sounds silly, because they know that their pet is not in any danger, but from a dog point of view it is a very reasonable tactic that they inherited from their ancestors.

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