Norway has the record high number of EVs in the world, but EV owners now report a lot of problems

Although Norway holds the record for the highest percentage of its vehicle fleet that is electrified, the country is not without its challenges.

The most recent issues are purportedly being pinned on Tesla vehicles, which are being accused of experiencing frequent breakdowns and a wide range of issues by a community of auto owners in Norway. They chose to take an extreme action in order to get their point through, and they began a hunger strike as a means of doing so.

They are going to such great lengths because they want to bring attention to the issues that they face on a daily basis in their vehicles. Their reports suggest that Tesla automobiles suffer from a wide variety of issues, some of which include poor build quality (such as a seat that wobbles) and instances in which the vehicle cannot be started.

They want Elon Musk to become aware of them as their ultimate objective. They are certain that he will attend to their needs and provide assistance to them. From what we have seen so far, the entire process of providing service takes far too long, and there is a good chance that errors will not be eradicated entirely.

And all of this is significant because it is a limited market, and the country in question has the highest concentration of Tesla vehicles per capita of any nation on the planet. In any event, it is a derogatory kind of advertising, not just in the market in Norway, but also in the market in Europe, where Tesla models are the most popular sellers among the other electric car options.

The following is a list of the most common issues that this group of Tesla owners has reported having and how they have dealt with them:

  • the car does not “start” when it is cold,
  • the car does not “start” when it is hot,
  • door handles do not open when it is cold,
  • intense screeching,
  • “bubbles” in the seats,
  • loose front seat,
  • the trunk lid filled with rainwater,
  • the autopilot is not working properly,
  • the internet connection is too slow,
  • malfunction of the windshield wipers,
  • the car creaks when going over bumps,
  • loose decorative moldings,
  • the door in some cases opens by itself,
  • the onboard computer is not working,
  • yellow bar on the screen,
  • the windows do not close completely,
  • systems reboot themselves,
  • problems with decreasing battery charging power,
  • corrosion problems on new cars (especially Model 3),
  • poor paint quality – varnishing is required,
  • air conditioning problems,
  • shorter battery life than Tesla claims.

Elon Musk and Tesla have not provided a statement on the matter; nonetheless, a tweet from Musk regarding dieting has been made public on his profile. You be the judge of whether or not it was just a coincidence.

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