North Texas sending help to Florida following Hurricane Ian

Volunteers are packing disaster relief gear at the Texas Baptist Men’s warehouse. They are planning to leave for Florida on Friday morning to assist in any manner possible.

John Travis Smith, associate executive director of Texas Baptist Men, stated, “We’re doing a variety of things related to flood recovery, in which we actually go into people’s homes and remove everything that has been damaged so they can begin rebuilding.” “There will be feeding there. Therefore, we will be providing food and shelter to those who require it.

North Texas utility providers are also en route to provide assistance.

7 trucks and 17 crew members from Denton Municipal Electric will arrive in Florida on Thursday evening.

When storm waters recede, they will be prepared to restore power.

Brad Watts, manager of the Denton municipal electric line division, explained, “Erecting poles.” “Inserting a new line. Picking up line that has been blown down and poles that have snapped. Obtaining services and replacing transformers. Whatever damage the storm has caused, we’ll repair it.

Oncor has 500 Florida-ready workers and contractors.

For these teams, their work is more than a means to an end.

Florida is receiving support from Texas. Power personnel from throughout North Texas and additional volunteers will be on the scene. Vince Sims of NBC 5 examines the assistance they’ll be providing.

Watts stated, “You want to help people for one.” “To help their consumers and those in need, and also because you never know when something will happen to your utility and you’ll require mutual aid and assistance.”

Volunteers and crew members feel a similar sense of obligation.

Smith stated, “We are tasked and commanded to love our neighbor.” “We want to go in deed and activity, not simply in words, prayers, and thoughts.”

Watts stated that it is rewarding for linemen to know that they are assisting people. “Line work is synonymous with fraternity. We watch each other’s backs in Denton, Texas, and Lakeland, Florida. We are a fraternity.”

Donate to the American Red Cross by clicking on this link in order to support Hurricane Ian relief efforts.

In addition to deploying 500 personnel and contractors, Oncor participated in a larger operation to preposition power resources as part of a mutual assistance program.

Kerri Dunn, a representative for the organization, said late Thursday that crews were still waiting to be assigned to wherever they were required.

“This storm is really disastrous. Dallas is prone to storms and tornadoes, so we’re familiar with the difficulties of being without power. With a cyclone of this magnitude, you are not just without power, but also the Internet. You have no phone service. You lack water and sewage systems,” stated Dunn. “Our roads are not just littered with debris, but have been totally washed away. There are bridges that have been dislodged. Therefore, there are inaccessible towns along the sea, and the electric infrastructure equipment has been entirely destroyed.”

Thursday night, American Medical Response dispatched from Arlington ten ambulances stocked with supplies and national crews.

Peter Como stated, “We will do whatever has been required to bring individuals from wherever they are in this situation to where they need to be.”

As thousands, if not millions, continue to rebuild their lives in Florida, this endeavor is just one component of the Texas-sized response en way or already positioned there.

In Fort Myers, 45 members of Texas A&M Task Force 1 joined a FEMA-organized federal search operation.

Along with scores of Texas Division of Emergency Management and Texas A&M Forest Service personnel, they were sent.

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