North Platte Housing Authority Receives High Performing Designation from U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (Nebraska) – The North Platte Housing Authority (NPHA) has been designated by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as a high-performing public housing agency. The designation is based on the score from HUD’s Public Housing Rating System.

The North Platte Housing Authority received a score of 99 out of a possible 100 points. The highest rating the NPHA has ever received under the current scoring system.

“This score reflects the dedication and hard work of our staff, the cooperation of our residents, and the successful oversight of our council to achieve the highest HUD standards.” NPHA Executive Director Seanna Collins said. Collins tells Nebraska, “a big part of our scoring is the condition of our properties. HUD goes out to inspect them and give them scores based on their condition.”

Collins adds that HUD also looks at other factors such as financial management and occupations. Now that the NPHA has received its High-Yield designation, a whole new world of grant opportunities is available to the NPHA. “The designation is an honor. It’s great for the North Platte community to know that public housing is in good shape.”

According to a press release from the North Platte Housing Authority, HUD uses a system known as PHAS to evaluate a public housing authority’s performance in managing its public housing program. Housing Authorities are assessed annually against this system. HUD uses a centralized system to collect individual subsystem scores using various sub-indicators and produces a composite PHAS score that represents the performance management of the public housing authority.

PHAS uses a 100-point scoring system based on four categories of indicators: • Physical Assessment Subsystem (PASS) – 40 points: This is used to determine whether public housing units are decent, safe, hygienic and in good condition. It also determines the extent to which the PHA maintains public housing in compliance with housing conditions standards. Last year, HUD’s Real Estate and Assessment Center (REAC) inspected both NPHA’s Autumn Park apartments and homes and duplexes throughout the city. The NPHA received high inspection scores of 98 out of 100 in Autumn Park and 97 out of 100 in homes and duplexes. • Financial Assessment Subsystem (FASS) – 25 points: This is used to measure the financial condition of the social housing project.

NPHA received all 25 points in this area:

  • Management Assessment Subsystem (MASS) -25 points: This is used to assess the operational management capabilities of the NPHA. NPHA received 100% of these points.
  • Capital Fund Program (CFP)-10 points: The Capital Fund Program is a grant program used to modernize properties. The score considers the timeliness of using these grant funds and the overall occupancy of the units. NPHA has maintained a 99% occupancy rate for all 250 units for the past two years. NPHA received all 10 points.

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