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North Omaha business, that has been operational for decades, continues to work despite car crashing into its wall

OMAHA, Nebraska – It has been sixty years since Harold’s Koffee House first opened its doors in North Omaha. It is widely known as a place that one can depend on to feel like they are in their own home.

On the other hand, that feeling abruptly shifted on Thursday morning, just as business was beginning to pick up.

“The restaurant was about maybe half full maybe a little less than half full most of the guests were around this horseshoe area here,” Bohnenkamp said. “The restaurant was approximately maybe half full maybe a little less than half full.” “There was a good deal of snow.”

According to the proprietor, Matt Bohnenkamp, he witnessed a vehicle collide head-on with the front of the diner. The power was so great that it broke the window and twisted a wall in the process.

According to what Bohnenkamp claimed, it pushed the booth and the table across the room and smashed one of the stools over here.

The proprietor of the eatery stated that he observed the vehicle travel eastbound on State street. After that, he witnessed the vehicle travel through the junction, and at that point, it collided with the wall. People who were eating in the diner got up and moved quickly to assist the driver who had broken down.

According to Bohnenkamp, “in light of the accident how everybody got together and helped everybody on the site and the police officers were fantastic about it too.” It’s a miracle that nobody got hurt in that accident.

According to Bohnenkamp, closing the shop today would prohibit a great number of customers from having the opportunity to sit down and enjoy a delicious meal.

According to Bohnenkamp, “We opened up at 6:30 a.m. anyhow, and business continued as usual.”

At a location that has been running in this manner for many years, business continues as usual.

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