North Charleston resident got injured in a serious crash after officer-suspect high-speed chase, now he sues the city

NORTH CHARLESTON, South Carolina – The City of North Charleston is facing a new lawsuit that alleges a North Charleston Police Officer engaged in a high-speed chase with a suspect that resulted in a dangerous crash and seriously injured a different driver on the road. The suit alleges that the crash was caused by the officer’s reckless driving and that the suspect was seriously injured as a result of the crash.

According to the lawsuit that was filed on September 2, it all started in September of 2020 when a North Charleston Police Officer saw an SUV driving through a parking lot and a “Automated License Plate Reader” signaled that the car was stolen. The lawsuit was filed in North Charleston Circuit Court.

The lawsuit asserts that the officer, Bradley Woods, continued on that high-speed pursuit at Rivers Avenue into a residential neighborhood, despite the fact that the chase broke policies and procedures, as well as South Carolina law. The lawsuit was filed in South Carolina.

The lawsuit claims that the pursuit should have been terminated given the risk to the neighborhood, and it states that the officer continued to chase the SUV through that residential area around a well-known hazardous curve, whether on his own initiative or as directed by a supervisor.

According to the records filed with the court, the police officer disregarded orders to put an end to the pursuit, despite the fact that, if he had, it would have been possible to avoid the collision and the injuries sustained by the plaintiff, Jennifer Stallings.

According to the allegations made in the lawsuit, the defendant who was driving the SUV lost control, collided with another car, and then struck Stallings head-on.

The lawsuit filed by Stallings asserts that the officer’s participation in the pursuit is to blame for the plaintiff’s injuries and that the risks posed by the pursuit outweigh any potential benefits to the public or the city. In addition, the lawsuit states that Stallings’ injuries could have been avoided.

According to the allegations made in the lawsuit, Stallings suffered major injuries, and those injuries allegedly persist to this day.

She is suing for damages, which include reimbursement for her medical bills, pain, lost pay, and the loss of enjoyment she has experienced as a result of the incident.

In response to a request for comment, the North Charleston Police Department sent the matter to the city’s legal department. A request for comment sent to the city’s spokesperson has not yet received a response as of yet.

Regarding Officer Woods, who is believed to have been engaged in the collision, the police have refused to comment on whether he is still employed by the department or whether he was subjected to disciplinary action as a result of the incident.

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