No room for panic: Monkeypox cases are declining globally, no surge in cases is expected in the upcoming period

Infection data and health statistics indicate that monkeypox is a big cause for concern around the world, but a newly-released report indicates that the worst may be past. In the past week, the number of global cases of monkeypox has decreased by a remarkable 21%, following a month-long increase.

According to @Time, the World Health Organization has just issued its most recent statistics about monkeypox, and occurrences of the extremely contagious illness have decreased by 21% worldwide. Since the spread of monkeypox began in April, more than 45,000 cases have been documented in an estimated 98 nations, indicating that the outbreak may be on the decline in Europe.

In Europe, monkeypox accounted for around 38% of all illnesses in the past month, but in the United States, 60% of all infections are due to monkeypox, as stated by the World Health Organization at the time. In addition, health experts in the United Kingdom stated that the drop in monkeypox cases indicates “early signals” that the outbreak in the country is abating.

In other news, the Health Security Agency in the United Kingdom officially downgraded the monkeypox epidemic, stating that there was no indication that the disease was spreading beyond homosexual, bisexual, or heterosexual males who had sex with other men. The most recent WHO study confirms that 98 percent of cases are in men and 96 percent are in men who have intercourse with other men.

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