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No, moral sanction for drug dealers is not ‘harm reduction’

Ever heard of “safer supply”? It’s a trendy euphemism for “doctors handing out drugs to addicts.” Instead of scrounging fentanyl on the streets, they get other opioids from an MD.

All part of the left’s “harm reduction” philosophy. Which is utter nonsense: look at the hellhole of San Francisco’s Tenderloin

But that’s not stopping far-out advocacy group the National Safer Supply Community of Practice from taking this lunacy a step further. 

Some doctors worry that if they do hand out opioids to addicts, these addicts will sell them to other addicts — a process with its own Orwellian euphemism, “diversion.” No sweat, trumpets a brochure from the Safer Supply folks: Diversion “is a harm reduction practice rooted in mutual aid” that “saves lives and improves quality of life.”

In other words: Go ahead and hand out opioids to addicts, and let those addicts sell them along if they want. Never mind the disastrous consequences of getting others addicted. Or the fact that this is nothing less than a moral sanction for street dealing. 

Outreach workers from Réseau ACCESS Network, a non-profit, community-based charitable organization, walk among 243 crosses that cover the lot on the south west corner of Brady and Paris Streets as part of Crosses for Change that memorialize victims in the overdose and opioid crisis in Sudbury, on May 9, 2022.
Addicted individuals can get opioids from an MD with “safer supply.”
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A male doctor hands a prescription to a patient.
“Safer supply” is a trendy euphemism for “doctors handing out drugs to addicts.”
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After all, criticizing diversion is “harmful, inaccurate, and ultimately rooted in anti-drug and anti-euphoria prohibitionist principles.” How dare anyone judge an addict?

This sanctimonious denial of the obvious boils down to naked cruelty.

Keep drugs illegal. Arrest people who sell them. Get addicts into treatment. That’s how you reduce harm. 

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