New SCAM alert: If you receive an email from Instagram, do not open it

Hackers and other con artists employ a wide variety of methods in order to get knowledge about usernames and passwords, which they then put to use in a variety of fraudulent schemes, including blackmail and the like.

Users of Instagram have recently been targeted by a quite devious fraud, according to the warnings of security specialists.

Scammers target Instagram users by sending them emails that are disguised to look like they came from the Instagram team. The letters claim that the users’ profiles have been chosen for verification. The email is sent from the address “ig-badges,” and its subject line reads “ig badges info.” Additionally, in an effort to make the message seem as authentic as possible, the sender has included logos for Facebook and Instagram at both the top and the bottom of the email.

The email also includes a link to a website, which you need to click on in order to access Instagram on that page, and then you will need to enter your details. Because it is obviously a false page, any information that you enter, including your Instagram username and password, will be submitted to criminals who attempt to steal your identity. They could use them to try to access your profile or other services, such as social networks, email, and so on. They could even use them to try to access other websites.

Even though the majority of users are aware that these “phishing” messages should be treated with extreme caution and that they should not click on any links, there are still some users who fall for the scam and hand over their personal information to con artists, only to later come to deeply regret their decision.

According to Instagram, the authentication procedure is exclusively completed through the mobile app and never by email. And

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