New revolutionary charger for electric vehicles: It will only take six minutes

The key to electric mobility is how to reduce battery charging time and save drivers from sitting in the cab or endless coffees and drinks in a cafe next to a charging station. “We are all more or less aware that the technological revolution is here somewhere ‘around the corner’ and that what we consider today to be the last cry of technology is already obsolete tomorrow.”

Voltempo, one of the leaders in the development of new technology for electric vehicles, has launched HyperCharging, which presents it as the fastest charging system in the world. The announcement looks set to transform the industry, as it can deliver 1,000 kW of power – 2.8 times more than any comparable charging system.

HyperCharging can charge the next generation of electric vehicles in just six minutes. It also has a unique ability to charge up to 24 vehicles at a time. Suitable for cars, vans, trucks and buses. Power can come from multiple sources – for example, combining the national grid with local green energy sources such as solar systems and storage batteries.

The HyperCharging system can be installed anywhere – especially in places where many vehicles need to be charged at the same time. The modular composition of the technology allows it to be installed 70% faster than other charging systems – in hours or days, not months. Installation costs are usually 30% lower due to Voltemp’s patented centralized charging design.

The first installations of the technology will begin in 2022, with a charging center to be installed at Tyseley Energy Park in Birmingham.

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