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New Omaha-area company hopes to reduce travel delays and bullying

GRETNA, Nebraska (Nebraska) — About a month after the Federal Aviation Administration shut down air service nationwide due to a contractor deleting files and causing a system crash with critical safety information, a new service is being launched in the Omaha area.

This is a business designed to eliminate some of the uncertainty of flights and provide reliable ground transportation in the region. Omaha is right in the middle of it. It’s like a corporate meeting or a business conference on wheels.

The LandJet is tucked away in a suburban office park in Gretna, near the Nebraska crossroads. This is a minibus that can accommodate eight people. There are TV monitors for conferences and Zoom meetings, sockets for connecting computers and Wi-Fi. These are conveniences that allow small businesses to do business while on the go, instead of waiting and wasting time.

“We already had trips to Des Moines, Kansas City, one to Fargo. We had local trips, one in Iowa City,” said LandJet Omaha President Elizabeth Kirchgutter.

A new local headquarters is under construction and resembles a large garage on 220th Street near Highway 6.

Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce Senior Vice President Pete Thompson told 6 News that LandJet Omaha joined the Chamber last month.

“By 2023, domestic business travel is projected to reach 96% of pre-pandemic levels. Many businesses in Omaha have customers in the Midwest, and the benefit is having more business travel options to interact with customers and employees,” Thompson said.

“With COVID, everyone has started working from home and multitasking has become important. So now that everything is open, they have to go back there, work, drive and get to their places. In this case, you will not miss hours on the road. You can still work and maximize your dollar and your company’s dollar,” Kirchgatter said.

Right now LandJet has three drivers here in Omaha. The driver stays with the van for the duration of the client’s trip. The price includes a flat fee plus mileage and any additional services, including overnight stays in hotels.

The long-term goal is to have six vans in the fleet.

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