New generation of Apple Watch is on the way, but will reportedly lack two major functions competitors already have, report

Rumors suggest that this year’s Apple Watch will not implement the features already offered by some other, competitor brands.

Monitoring blood sugar levels, as well as measuring blood pressure, are two important functions recently implemented by various smartwatch manufacturers. However, there are reports that Apple will not implement either of these two features any time soon.

The next big sensor that Apple will implement in the Apple Watch, according to insiders, will not include the ability to monitor blood sugar or blood pressure sensor.

Both functions are a very important addition to smartwatches, but it is not known when they will become available on the Apple Smartwatch.

Over time, the Apple Watch has subsequently gained substantial features and capabilities, and it is unclear why the above two features should not be added to the Apple Watch ecosystem.

Rumors, on the other hand, suggest that during this year the smartwatch could get the option of measuring body temperature.

In 2022, three Apple Watch models are expected to be introduced, as well as an update for the Apple Watch SE.

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