NEW DETAILS ABRAMOVIC POISON CASE: Chloropicrin was used – a chemical used in World War

“Are we dying?” Abramovich asked, feeling so bad that he feared for his life.

According to investigative reporter Kristo Grozev, who conducted an investigation into the alleged poisoning incident, a team of experts agreed that the substance used in the attack was chloropicrina chemical used during World War I or a small dose of Novice.

Abramovich and other peace negotiators experienced symptoms of exhaustion and temporary blindness during a mission in early March in Kyiv. Symptoms that forced him to seek hospital treatment as soon as he landed in Istanbul, Turkey.

In a new interview, Grozev spoke to the Polar Politics YouTube channel, claiming that all experts agreed that the most likely cause of the symptoms was poisoning with chloropicrin, a chemical fighting agent used in World War I.

“All the experts who communicated with them, studied their photographs and did personal tests, all said it was not a coincidence, it was not food poisoning, it was not an allergy.” But everyone agreed on Chlorpicrin. “This agent causes all the detected symptoms. “The only objection is that chlorpicrin usually emits a rather strong odor, so it is difficult to give without the victim agreeing.”

But then one of the specialists discovered that this chemical has been developed today without odor. “Others suggest that it could be a small dose of Novicok. “Novicok was used to poison agent Sergei Skripal at his home in Salisbury, England, and Alexei Navalny, who needed urgent rescue treatment in Germany to recover.”

Grozev, who is linked to Britain’s Bellingket investigative agency and independent Russian media platforms, said he had been summoned around March 3 to look into the alleged poisoning case. He contacted other experts who wished to remain anonymous for their safety. The idea was to investigate the case without the public knowing, but details simply “floated” in the media.

He said: “What we do know is that three officials had almost identical symptoms: severe eye pain, red spots around the eyes, peeling skin.”

Russian political analyst Konstantin Kalachev has speculated that the poisoning may be an attempt by Abramovich to gain sympathy in Britain, where his interests are affected by sanctions.

Negotiators suffering from health problems allegedly ate only chocolate and drank water.

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