Netflix has just confirmed that the company will build their own video game studio


Netflix’s Vice President of Game Studios, Amri Rahimi, stated, “Through the studio, we will develop a series of diverse and profoundly compelling original games without commercials or in-app purchases.”

It is unknown if Netflix’s objective is to build games for mobile devices or if it will also concentrate on creating console-compatible video games.

Netflix has previously acquired minor game firms such as Oxenfree and Night School Studios, and has published a number of shows based on video games such as Arcane and Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, but this is the first time it has stated an intention to establish a brand-new studio.

The giant announced a loss of 200,000 members in April of this year, its first quarterly loss since 2011. Then, between April and July of this year, it lost an additional million customers, its largest loss to date.

Netflix lost nearly a million subscribers from April to July of this year

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