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Nebraska’s Chinese Association held the 2nd annual One Community Cultural Festival Sunday, the first even organized since the start of the pandemic

OMAHA, Nebraska – On Sunday, the Chinese Association of Nebraska hosted the One Community Cultural Festival, making it the first time the event has been able to take place since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak. The festival was held in OMAHA.

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At Aksarben’s Stinson Park, people from all over the world came together to celebrate their diverse cultures as one. Dozens of community organizations exchanged clothing, jewelry, food, drinks, and dance performances with one another.

According to Della Bynum, who works with the Crysallus Studio, the belly dance genres that her company performs are influenced by Egyptian, Turkish, Moroccan, and Lebanese styles.

There were more than 200 performers at Sunday’s festival, which featured 20 various types of dance from all over the world. One of those genres was belly dancing, which was performed by a troupe led by Bynum.

Bynum asserts that the cultural celebration is of utmost significance at this time, following a period of separation spanning several years.

“It’s a means to bring each other together, to taste each other’s food, each other’s music, and each other’s dance,” she said. “And since America is a country of all these different cultures, I believe it’s really essential for us to come together in a joyful manner.”

Since we are all a part of the same community, the representatives of Nebraska’s Chinese Association believe that we ought to jointly celebrate both our similarities and our differences.

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