Nebraskans don’t usually wear seatbelt, death toll has doubled last month compared to last year, Nebraska DOT data shows

OMAHA, Nebraska – The data for the month of August’s fatality toll was given by the Nebraska Department of Transportation.

According to reports, there were 21 persons killed in traffic accidents, which is a significant increase from the 11 lives lost in August of last year. The press statement states that just 39 of the 136 people who were riding in vehicles that were involved in fatal accidents were wearing seatbelts.

The remaining details, as provided by the Nebraska Department of Transportation, are as follows:

  • There were 19 fatal accidents that resulted in 21 fatalities.
  • Eight of the seventeen people who were riding in the vehicle when it crashed were not wearing seatbelts, one of
  • them was, and the other eight had their seatbelt use categorized as unknown.
  • Rural areas were the locations of 16 of the fatalities.
  • There was one fatality on the interstate, 13 on other highways, and seven on local roads. The interstate was involved in one of the fatalities.
  • Motorcycle riders made up three of the total number of fatalities.
  • A pedestrian was one among those who lost their life.
  • A train was involved in two of the fatalities that occurred.
  • An all-terrain vehicle was involved in one of the fatalities.

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