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Nebraskans and Iowans receiving unemployment benefits can continue use Nebraska’s unemployment website following the last week’s cyber attack

OMAHA, Nebraska – NEworks is fully operational again following a cyberattack last week that had an impact on Iowans and Nebraskans obtaining unemployment benefits.

Geographic Solutions Inc., a web service provider for the Nebraska Department of Labor, had a cyberattack on June 26 and was forced offline.

As more state websites were restored, officials claim that Nebraska’s website was the first to go back up.

According to the release, NEworks officials advise customers with active claims to file for two weeks of benefits if there hasn’t been a claim filed for the week ending June 25. Back payments are reportedly being paid to all qualified claims.

Officials also advise users to check their accounts frequently for changes, and if they experience problems receiving unemployment benefits or having a claim reopened as a result of the cyberattack, they can email NDOL.

John H. Albin, commissioner of labor, stated that putting the site offline was a crucial step in protecting the data of working Nebraskans, notwithstanding the inconvenience this has created for users and jobless claimants.

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