Nebraska State Sen. Tom Brewer confirmed that he will travel to Ukraine again, second visit in last few months

LINCOLN, Nebraska – In the pause between chemotherapy treatments, Nebraska State Senator Tom Brewer will make his second trip to Ukraine.

In late June, Brewer made his first trip to Ukraine. His concentration then shifted to observation.

“I was there to gain knowledge,” stated Brewer. “I desired an understanding of the battle… I wanted to determine how Americans could assist Ukrainians in the war effort more effectively.”

This prompted Brewer to meet with military officers and city authorities in the hopes of bringing this information to the attention of U.S. officials. However, he also distributed goods in war-torn regions, such as Donbas.

Next Friday, Brewer is slated to embark on another foray into the beleaguered country. This time, he is placing greater emphasis on humanitarian relief.

For Brewer, it’s a race against the winter. In the shadow of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station, he’ll spend the most of his time in communities in southeast Ukraine, which is currently a hotbed of violence.

Brewer stated that around 1,200 individuals, the majority of whom are elderly, are stranded between the Russian and Ukrainian frontiers. The violence has rendered them unable to heat their homes, and the weather is just growing colder.

Brewer will join six teams of pastors to assist these individuals in reaching safety.

“We understood that, when winter approaches, they will not survive,” Brewer added. Because there is neither electricity nor natural gas. It is really crucial that we find a means to get them out of there… Therefore, we hope to complete 11 villages in 11 days.”

Brewer will also deliver medical supplies and solar-powered electronic Bibles to Ukrainian chaplains.

“These individuals require hope,” he stated.

Brewer plans to tour around Ukraine until November’s beginning. He stated that the journey is both hopeful and ominous.

“I truly hope we can evacuate as many people as possible,” he said. “I fear that Russia will escalate the fight by employing chemical or nuclear weapons.”

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